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Welcome to Katja and Ben's Tango Argentino page

We've been running tango practicas in Oxford since 2002 and have been teaching Argentine Tango for the Oxford Tango Club and the Dance Section of the University Club since 2004.

Our courses match the dates of the University term. Each term we run an absolute beginner's course on Tuesdays, 7.30pm, in the University Club. Before the start of a new cycle, we always run an absolute beginner's drop-in class so that you can try out if you like our style of teaching. After that taster class you can sign up for the course. Please email us if you have missed the taster class but would still like to sign up for the absolute beginners. For more advanced dancers we run other cycles in which we explore one subject in depth. The more advanced classes are also on Tuesdays, after the beginners class.

A term card costs £45 and includes not only the seven classes, but also seven practice sessions. Prácticas are on Tuesdays and (sometimes) Wednesdays at the University Club (see calendar below).

If you have got some tango experience already but are not sure which class would be appropriate please write to us. You might well be able to start experienced beginner or intermediate classes even if we are mid-cycle. In any case, please let us know before hand if you would like to come. You can always catch us at the practicas if you would like to talk to us rather than e-mail.

You are extremely welcome to drop by at the practicas (£1). Prácticas are there for you to work on your tango in a way that is not feasible at a milonga. That doesn't mean the evenings are joyless - quite the contrary: they are both fun and relaxed. Everybody is welcome to attend, but if you are a graduate or member of staff of the University it would be great if you could become a member of the club (which is free). If you are not, this is not a problem - please sign yourself in at the reception if asked.
In addition to the regular schedule we occasionally organise workshops by visiting teachers which also appear on the calendar.

There are a number of ways to keep up with events. You can join our facebook group, and you can also subscribe to the Oxford Tango Club mailing lists (arguably the most reliable option). Dancesection-tango is used to disseminate information about tango events in Oxford, whereas oxtango_social is used by club members to organise private social events, car shares and anything else. To subscribe, please email dancesection-subscribe@maillist.ox.ac.uk and oxtango_social-subscribe@maillist.ox.ac.uk

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