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About Us

We started learning tango some ten years ago because dancing together seemed a little more companionable than doing karate (which we both had done up to that point). We fell in love with the tango at first sight, but, of course, the journey that followed (and which is still ongoing) was not without frustrations. In 2004 we began to teach tango in Oxford.

We love tango music, especially from the 1930s and 1940s, for its fabulous variety, and we love the dance for it’s endless possibilities, for its playfulness and for the unique way it makes two people communicate with each other.

We love to experiment, we love to dance both close and open, and most of all we love the total focus of being with another person in the music.

Tango is seldom danced with just two people in the room, and this communal aspect has a big impact on our teaching (and our organizing). Creating a space happy and supportive enough for everybody to be open (and at times vulnerable) is what comes first.

As there is no enjoyment without physical comfort, our teaching often focuses on details of technique and on how to create an embrace that breathes with the dance. And last but not least we like to explore creativity and self-expression as the basis of any good tango communication.

Our tango life began in Cambridge, with Mike Rose and Stephanie Gögelein. We quickly started traveling and have taken numerous workshops with a wide variety of Argentine Tango teachers from Buenos Aires and a lot of other places - dancing all possible styles.

Amongst the teachers that have influenced our dancing and teaching most are Eric Jeurissen, Komala Vos and Stefan Wimmer from El Corte (Nijmegen, Netherlands), Claudia Jakobsen (Buenos Aires/Amsterdam), Chicho Frumboli (Buenos Aires),  Homer and Cristina Ladas (San Francisco, US), Alex Krebs (Portland, US), Moira Castellano (Buenos Aires) and Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes (Buenos Aires/Paris).

We mostly teach in Oxford, but sometimes we can be found teaching elsewhere, such as at Ruth Zimmermann's Tango Mango or the Taboe Tango Camp, organized by Paras Saghy and Paul Vossen.

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